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Hello I'm Monica. I like concerts, clothes, & cats

everything that happens is from now on


one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 

→ Anonymous whispered : Hola. Espero estes bien, que en ese nuevo trabajo tengas un estupendo inicio con excelentes compañeros. Comprendo cuando el estres puede causar que no trabajes agusto y tu interaccion con los demas es afectada, asi que ojala ese cambio de trabajo sea todo positivo. Ese album Morning Glory es buenisimo de principio a fin es perfecto. Que mal que se hayan separado, espero algun dia regresen. Me gusta el britpop, The Smiths, Pulp etc. Te ves muy bonita con tus glasses, una librarian muy cute. Bye.

Okay so I had a little trouble understanding this one so bear with me haha :)

I am well! I am into my last week at my job and I start my new job next week before I go on vacation to Nashville. I’m pretty stoked. And What’s The Story Morning Glory is perfect. I love most britpop as well! Hope you are well and thank you. I always felt weird wearing glasses. Hope to hear from you again, dear anon.

what I want to know is why I am suddenly getting phone numbers when I tell people I’m finally leaving ha HA ha ha 

ARTIST: The 1975
ALBUM: The 1975
TRACK: Settle Down
PLAYS: 685


settle down // the 1975